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A good literary work has enormous power to change something in the reader...

What is Journey of a Book?


The Journey of a Book

Journey of a Book is a project created by European and Russian youth, which will bring together stories written by young talented writers into one book. The book will travel across Russia and Europe to its writers and we will document its journey into a short film.
Our aim? Through the book and its journey the youth from across the continent will learn more about each other, share their experiences and overcome stereotypes about each other.
Why a book? A good literary work has enormous power to change something in the reader and move them. It can form the reader’s world and expand their horizons. Reading can also be a very intimate act, which quietly forms a connection between the author and the reader. We at the project Journey of a Book wish to make this connection, to inspire people and create a source of new information and to create a base for different views on other cultures to be shared.
In order to achieve this we want to gather short stories from youth living across Europe and Russia, stories about their perception of the city, about the culture in which they live. We wish to contextualize the elements of individual cities that disassemble prejudices, as well as obtain a contemporary vision of the world and future of today’s youth.
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